Happy Blogger-Versary to Me!!


It has been one year since I started An Editorial On My Life… So Far. To be honest, I thought I was going to quit three weeks into it. But thanks to a couple of close friends who have encouraged me along the way and frequently read what I write, I continued. So really that is who you should blame for this still being a thing.

In all seriousness, I would like to thank all you readers out there for hanging in there while I tried to find my voice. This whole blogging thing is a lot harder than some people think. So…

Thank you!! 

Here’s to many more posts to come!

Much love,



An Editorial On… My Top 6 Favorite Podcasts


I really enjoy podcasts. Especially any National Public Radio associated ones because they help me stay current with what is happening in the world. But aside from my typical podcasts – Latino USA, Best of Car Talk and my NPR boyfriend Kai Ryssdal’s Marketplace (Janet Yellen, microeconomics, job reports… Talk stock market to me Kai, baby!!) I listen to the following pretty religiously:

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