November is here! (How did that happen?)


These last couple of weeks it has dawned on me that the year is nearly over. Where did it all go?? Can you believe it is already November? It seems like it was just last week when I was stuck on the side of a freeway, crying because my car had left me yet again on my way home to celebrate Father’s Day.

So are you ready for the holidays? Any big plans? Have you started your holiday shopping? Can you believe there are people out there who have?

With the year wrapping up I’m starting to reflect on how it went and starting to wonder if it’s too late to start on some of my 2016 New Year Resolutions – What do you think?

Have a wonderful and blessed November!



One thought

  1. Well, since Mercury will be in retrograde in December I am trying to get my shopping done this month…LOL

    As far as resolutions for next year… I’m doing a “17 before 2017” thing – purging, deep cleaning, developing a workout schedule that works… little goals that will help me start the new year in the right direction. 🙂


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