Odds & Ends #018


Congratulations! You have made it through another week! I’ve been kinda wasting my time reading Pride & Prejudice instead of doing my homework for accounting. Hopefully I can get some of that done tonight before class tomorrow. Cutting it close, I know. 😬 Other than my class tomorrow I’m planning on catching up on house chores, exercise and sleep. My sister pointed out that since I started going back to school I have taken to going out and partying a little too much – basically what I did when I was in college the first time. Time to get serious Lucía. I guess I should schedule a pep talk for myself this weekend. And what are you up to?

So when I went to orientation for the Accounting Certificate Program they mentioned a wide range of fields people can go into being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)… They forgot to mention this one.

Loving this house tour.

Earlier this year I struggled with insomnia and I tried sleep training myself. Sounds silly, I know but it worked for a few months. These days I have been feeling rather blah and tired all the time and I realized that I fell off my sleep schedule and sleeping only 5 hours. This study shows that I need to get back on track because this being grumpy and terribly functioning human is not cool.

Recommendations on how to stock your home bar.

Once I have more time to entertain, I want to try out this simple recipe. Looks delish!

Finally! For all of us who have used a lip brush for eyeliner a guide to make-up brushes that even I can follow!

One thing I look forward to every Awards Season is seeing what Cate Blanchett wears on the red carpet. She nails it every time! This for example – Wow.

It was a tough week for me, the Boston Red Sox are out of the playoffs (WTF happened?? You were doing so good!!) and the Los Angeles Dodgers continued on and will be playing against the Chicago Cubs (Go Cubs!). But back to my Red Sox and David “Big Papi” Ortiz saying good-bye. Tear.


Ways to be a happier person. #Science.

Great interview of Hillary Clinton by an 11-year old girl.

And if you have a little extra time here are a couple of what-to-listen-to-and/or-watch recommendations:

Check out my favorite 2016 artist Margo Price. I just saw her last night in concert at the Troubadour and she was amazing! She will also be with Jack White on this weekend’s A Prairie Home Companion with new host, Chris Thile.

Also, my new favorite Mexican comedian, Sofía Niño de Rivera, has had a Netflix special, “Sofía Exposed” out for a couple of months now and which I have watched a handful of times and made all my close friends watch (I literally stop by my boss as he watched the entire thing. Is that weird?) and recommended to dozens more ad nauseous. If you haven’t watched it please doTBH the trailer online doesn’t do it justice so don’t judge it by that alone. Trust me. And if by any chance she reads this, ¡Sofía! Please ven a dar un show en L.A.!

Happy Friday!! Enjoy the weekend!!


📸: Mia, our studio cat. 


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