Odds & Ends #017


Hello lovely readers! Are you excited for the weekend to paaaaarty??? So happy to hear that as I toil through my accounting class. I have a midterm tomorrow and it’s just our 3rd meeting! I’m standing over here like “Was I suppose to have learned something the last two meetings??” Wish me luck, I keep doing all the practice exercises and re-doing the homework and getting all the right answers even though I am not exactly sure what I’m doing.

So as you may have guessed from my previous comments, I didn’t have that much time to screw around on the internet but I still managed to find some interesting links…

Starting to write-up my Christmas wish list with this!

A great interview of Secretary Clinton conducted by an 11 year old. Take a look at her questions- love reading stories of young girls like her.

So earlier this week, Netflix did a great promo for the Gilmore Girls revival. They set up “Luke’s Diners” in 200 coffee shops around the country (Why only two in L.A.? I have no idea, we only have like 3.8 million people to compete with when events like this happen.) and gave out free coffee in cups with quotes from the show and Luke’s logo. I suffered through a great deal of FOMO that morning so I made my own logo cup (see above) and scrolled threw my feed to see all the lucky people who made  it out. By any chance were you one of them?

Kinda hoping to watch this show this weekend. Dark humor is my favorite.

Thank goodness the election is held before Thanksgiving or else political talk at the dinner table would be even more brutal. Here’s a guide that may help about 50% of you.

One last thing, have you heard about this whole clown thing going around? WTF is wrong with people? Even Stephen King was like cool it.

Seriously, what was I thinking going back to school??

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!!







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