Odds & Ends #016


Hello lovely people, who for some odd reason read my posts. This also includes my friends that I force to read my blog (Hi there! 😘 ). So what do you have planned for this weekend? This fall my weekends are cut shot by a day because I am taking a course in accounting on Saturdays (all day class!) and I am barely on our second meeting and it’s already causing nightmares with all the worksheets. So I’ll be doing that and probably cleaning my apartment. Glamorous, I know.

Here are some links I wasted my study time on this week. Enjoy!

VOYAGER. GOLDEN. RECORD. Totally guilty of buying a couple of these sets. Sure people may think its lame now but I’ll patiently wait for your apology when I sell you one of my copies on eBay for 10x the price.

Great little tips for when we are trying to get in touch with our inner Top Chef.

Genius! I nearly peed my pants reading this. #chisteculto

These look so good! And I love that the recipe is only for 12 cookies. Sometimes I make cookies and I end up with 60 cookies from a single batch and trust me, I don’t need 60 cookies.

Do you have your sh*t together? I ask as I avoid eye contact with the screen so I don’t have to answer the question. Ha!

What not to wear when flying. Because it is never guaranteed that the cute TSA agent will conduct the search.

This is why we get people like Donald Trump running for president. Seriously, stop.

Last weekend I had my share (and a few other people’s share) of alcohol. It started with wine at dinner on Friday night, followed by a couple of old fashions for dessert. On Saturday, the Red Sox were playing trying to clinch the A.L. East Championship (which they did, thank you very much!) and my UCLA Bruins were playing Stanford (WTF, happened??? You were winning when I left!!) led to me and my neighbor heading to a local bar for a beer – unbeknownst to us, it was 2 for 1 happy hour, our downfall. Responsibly, we went home. Two bottles of my favorite Kirkland Côtes du Rhône and a couple heavy servings of whiskey (Japanese for her, Irish for me) serenading our neighbors with Juan Gabriel’s Mis 40 en Bellas Artes. Yes, we keep it classy. This lead to me waking up late for work the next day (a Sunday – ugh!), scarfing down a poppyseed bagel and coke and then a Big Mac. I wanted In-n-Out but the drive would have killed me. Anyway, this is just a longwinded way of getting to this article which I should have read sooner. Check it out before this weekend’s shenanigans.

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend! I, on the other hand am freaking out over my accounting class and getting my trial balance worksheet to balance! Ahhh!!

Until next time!


📸: Photo by moi, of Echo Park taken as I stood reevaluating my life decisions like that of climbing the Baxter Stairs in 90 degrees being completely out of shape.


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