Out & About San Bernardino: Oak Glen

As I may have mentioned before, Autumn is my favorite season. I usually take my vacation during this time to places where I can experience real fall weather. This year with my budget being a little tight I will not be able to vacation as I’d like so I’ll be resorting to several day trips around southern California. First on my list was apple picking in San Bernardino County. So I convinced Book Club to drive out east with me – in a heatwave – to basically pay so we could perform manual labor.

Snow-Line Orchard & Winery

Our first stop …

The sun peeping through the trees at Snow-Line Orchard and Winery.
Warm apple cider donuts – a great way to start the morning off!
An Apple Sparkler: 1 part apple cider + 1 part sparkling wine – so good!
Did I mention this place had wine as well? (Say hi to my friend R!)
Beautiful apples that sadly we couldn’t pick 😦

Los Rios Rancho

At our first stop we weren’t allowed to pick apples from the orchard ourselves, so we headed up the road to Los Rios Rancho. I thought we could pick pumpkins there too but it wasn’t time yet, so we went through a quick corn maze and picked some Spartan apples instead.

Our second stop – finally a place where we can pick apples!


I really wanted one but they weren’t for picking  😦 But that’s okay, just another outing to go on!

Obligatory Fall Activity: Corn Maze

Spartan apples for baking!!

Obligatory Fall Activity: Apple Picking


Stone Pantry Orchard

Walking through Stone Pantry Orchard… blackberry bushes on either side. I think they said something about a bear – oh, my!


Collecting fallen apples to make cider. One bucket full = 1 gallon of cider. Almost there!

Obligatory Fall Activity: Making Apple Cider

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Riley’s Farm

Exhausted from making our own cider, our final stop in Oak Glen was Riley’s Farm where we stopped to have lunch after a really really long wait…


The Hawk’s Head Public House


Hearty portions after a long day.


Until next time Oak Glen!




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