An Editorial On… Astrology ✨


When I was teenager, I had an aunt who would stop whatever she was doing, hush everyone in the room and turn up the television to make sure that she heard her horoscope (she’s a Taurus, by the way) from Walter Mercado. For those of you who do not know of him, check out his picture. Yeah, I know. And regardless of how her life was going she would rely on Walter’s readings to navigate her life decisions. My mother and other aunts thought she was crazy for this dependency. I never really cared for my own horoscope reading, but I always thought of this as an endearing quality of my eccentric aunt. To each their own, I would say.

Fast forward 15 years, to my early thirties. A time when as an unwed Mexican woman you start to question many of your life decisions and start believing that your love life is in need of divine intervention. But what to do when you rationalize that God has better things to do than intervene in your love life? Enter astrology!

It all started when I noticed that my company’s money issues always resolved themselves if not on the exact day indicated by my horoscope (Capricorn here!) within 24 hours of it. Like 92% of the time. That is a legit statistic. I kept track for the 8-month period our office was going through a transition and our bookkeeper was unnerved by our crazy cash flow. Re-reading this, it makes me sounds like a freaking weirdo for doing this but apparently I’m not really caring what you think if this is being posted. You maybe even thinking this is the reason why I was single.

So I started paying attention to the Love Days indicated by the Astro Twins monthly horoscopes laid out on I figured that if the stars and planets could “help” out with my money woes, my relationship status would be easier. Wrong! Even though I coordinated my outings to bars, screenings, concerts around my Love Days for months, nothing ever happened when the Astro Twins said it would. I actually met a guy on an Off Day. Apparently, Cupid doesn’t believe in astrology.

Nowadays, I still read my Love Days, Off Days, Luck Days and Money Days and record them my calendar but I take astrology with a grain of salt. Except for when I applied for my car loan on my Money Day back in June – hey, a little extra help from the universe was reassuring with my recent luck. And I definitely make sure to back-up my laptop and both computers at work before Mercury goes into retrograde – because I’ve had way too many tech issues during retrogrades that to consider it a coincidence. And yeah, I signed up to go back to school last week when the Corn (Full) Moon was out because it’s all about laying out the foundation for what’s to come – but that is more like a good omen, right?… Who am I kidding? I’m more into it than I like to admit. But where is the harm in astrology if I find it reassuring?

Are you into astrology? What’s the craziest thing that astrology has ever foretold for you? Love to hear from you in the comments below!

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.38.25 PM

📸: My own of the book The Private Lives of the Sun Signs by Katherine Merlin.



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