An Editorial On… The Perfect Planter

Being able to keep a plant alive is the training wheels of adulting. If you can do this then the other things – balancing your check book, getting renter’s insurance, meal prepping, going to the dentist without your mommy dragging you there – all start falling in line. When I moved into my current apartment I received  a beautiful white orchid and what my aunt called a “money tree” she bought in Chinatown. Fortunately for these plants, I ‘ve successfully kept them alive these last 4 years and slowly incorporated more plants to the point that I proudly manage to juggle the lives of five healthy living plants! It’s the little things, okay. One of my least favorite things of having plants is picking out the planter. You would think I was picking out a husband I put so much thought into it. And until recently, all the planters I had were the standard simple terra cotta or solid muted color – not anymore.

A few months ago, I purchased the most adorable planter. It was love at first sight as I saw  it from across the store, my jaded heart said “You! You are the one! You’re perfect!” and then a choir of angels began to sing in the background. Ok, I exaggerated a bit, I was standing half way across the store. What makes this planter so special you ask? It reminds me of my childhood. This is where you my expect to read about some touching story of gardening with my grandmother when I was little  or some funny anecdote of going to the zoo, but no. It’s much more special than that. If you remember from reading my bio, I was born in Tijuana. I lived there until I was four, and afterwards we would visit my Tía Lupe and grandparents every weekend. So one of my earliest memories is stumbling behind my parents as they quickly navigated El Centro, the downtown if you will, of Tijuana and seeing these very exotic-looking ponies on display to take a picture with – los burro-cebras de Tijuana or zonkeys as I later found out is what tourists called them. A zonkey is a donkey with black stripes painted on to look like a zebra and you can find them standing in front of a very cliché Mexican landscape with sombreros and sarapes and Mexican flags and  the handlers charge tourists to have their pictures taken with said zonkey (ah, Mexican ingenuity!) -Google it if you don’t believe it. So when my Tijuanense heart saw this planter, it had to have it!

Soon after, I got this adorable stag and doe set of planters for my birthday which my friend had brought from Buenos Aires. They are so small it has been very quite difficult finding little plants to place in them but how sweet are they? I love them, but not as much as I love my burro-cebra.

FullSizeRender 7

FullSizeRender 2
Mi lindo burro-cebra!

FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 5
This stag and doe were a birthday present from my incredibly sweet friends. 
FullSizeRender 4
My mini menagerie!

The zebra planter can be found here.



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