#EarWormOfTheWeek: Bonus Edition!

I’m baaaack!! It’s been a while, I know. A whole month without really posting anything. Did you miss me? I hope so, because I sure missed keeping you somewhat (if at all) entertained. So while I have been away, I had a lot of time to listen to new music. Here’s a taste of what I’ve been into…

First up, Margo Price’s debut album, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. Yes, album. Love when country music is done right. One of my favorite songs, “Since You Put Me Down” has been on rotation in my head for the last 3 weeks. I even made my boss listen to it.


Up next, “A Wonderful Life” by Brian Fallon. The line “I don’t wanna survive, I want a wonderful life” got to me…

I’m also really enjoying The Rubens, a rock band from Australia, and their recent album Hoops. The video to this song, “Hallelujah” restored my dream of dancing in a music video.

And last but not least, Sturgill Simpson’s version of “In Bloom”. Because Nirvana.

Hope you enjoy my monthly wrap up of #EarWormsoftheWeek! And I would love to hear what you guys are listening to as well… Don’t be shy, share on the comments below! Xx


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