These Last Couple of Weeks…

Hello dear readers! As you may have noticed I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of weeks now. No, I haven’t been on vacation (I wish!) but I have been trying to get my life in order. It’s been pretty shitty to say the least. When I last left off my laptop died on me and after a week of apple Genius Bar appointments and another long stay at an Apple certified repair location, my laptop was officially declared dead. Luckily for me and my techie boss’ insistence to back up my computer frequently I was okay with this transition (although I did shed a couple tears when I got it back) from laptop to now work desktop. Meaning of course that I now have to purchase my own laptop to continue my blogging, meaning of course spending $$$$. Fortunately, I had the foresight to schedule the St. Patty’s week posts. Since then I haven’t had time to write. Of course I could wake up at the crack of dawn or stay very late at work to post from my work computer but it was just not in me these last few days catching up in my French class, trying to get ready for Easter, my car breaking down on my way to my parent’s home to celebrate Easter, then getting a nasty cold the night before Easter, my car breaking down again on my way back to LA (halfway in Temecula), then having to spend extra cash for a rental, worrying that my car’s issue was its transmission, praying it wasn’t the car’s transmission, getting over my cold, not being able to sleep due to all the stress the extra expenses were causing me, finally hearing back about my car being ready and driving over 3 hrs in Friday traffic to get it only to have it’s Service Engine Soon light come on as soon as I parked my car in my garage (seriously, as soon as I pulled in), I cried a bit and started worrying again all weekend long about how much this would cost me, then having to walk a mile to and a mile back from the grocery store lugging some groceries so I could eat through the weekend, then after another terrible night’s sleep waking up at 5am to drive back to Temecula to have my car checked out and praying that the issue for the Service Engine Soon light wasn’t as serious as I had imagined so I wouldn’t have to get my car towed for the second time in a week. My car did make it and it’s being looked at the moment as I sit here at a local Barnes & Noble typing away on my cell phone with my thumbs cramping up and going blind staring at the small screen. That has been my last two weeks. I’m really tired and trying not to stress over my car or anything really. It is what it is. Friday night when I got back home and I was literally thinking FML FML FML, I checked my work email to see that my boss had sent me a link to the new song from one of my favorite artist, Meme. The song’s release was delayed for over a week and I was anxiously waiting to hear the full and final version. The title of the song Todo va estar bien – “Everything is going to be alright”… That’s all I needed to hear. 


One thought

  1. Thank you for this post. The last couple of weeks have been mentally/emotionally exhausting for me too. 😦
    But that song title “Todo va a estar bien” made me smile… I exhaled and said it out loud and it did make me feel better… 😀

    I hope April is a much better month for you! 😀


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