Odds & Ends #009


Hello everyone! How was your week? I’ve been having a pretty crappy one. My laptop died on me on Tuesday, I’ve been battling an eye infection since Monday, I was 45 minutes late to my French class due to traffic Wednesday evening and I tried giving up caffeine to see if I could sleep better through the night only to end up with a nasty migraine. Yay.  And to top it off, St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday and I didn’t have to google map myself to figure out where I woke up this morning or enduring a two-day hangover. Okay, that last one was kinda nice. I have made it through St. Paddy’s Day with out drinking alcohol so the rest of Lent should be a breeze. Then… watch out! I have some catching up to do.

Since I have been running back and forth from Apple Genius Bars with an out-of-commission laptop, I really didn’t have much time to roam the internet but here are some things that did catch my eye while this week…

These Easter eggs are adorable! Much nicer than the ones I will be making!

Those Tasty videos are everywhere and they don’t usually have the kind of recipes I am into. But this, this I can totally be into.

Makes me wonder if I should have tried a more holistic approach to fixing my computer this week, like  cleansing my laptop’s aura.

This man took a selfie every mile as he hiked through the Pacific Crest Trail, that’s 2600 miles!!

The Presidential candidates as deli sandwiches.


Hope you all have an amazing weekend!! Xx

Photo: My own, of some pretty tea roses I indulged in earlier this week.


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