An Editorial On… My Current Reading List


I currently have a tall pile of books on my nightstand in various stages of being read through… 8 books to be exact! I’m a little ol’ fashioned in that I prefer to read real books or print books – what would be the political correct term? Anyway, I am on my computer and phone all day, so in order to relax and truly enjoy reading I need to feel the weight of the book, the feel of the pages and that wonderful smell of books! Really, the last thing I want is to be staring at another screen at the end of the day.

I tend to pick up and read a book according to my mood. This of course changes day-to-day – or sometimes even within the day – so that explains why I end up reading so many books at a time. Sometimes I want to read something light and funny like The Rosie Project or The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and other times I want something more substantial to help me focus on my life goals and self-improvement like Originals, The Creative Tarot or again The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck. At times I just want to revisit and get wrapped up in a good story like The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay or indulging in my guilty pleasure of narco lit with The Cartel. I also make it a point to be reading at least one book in Spanish; although I am open to any Latin American authors I usually sway towards contemporary Mexican authors. And these are harder to find. I have to go online to order (if I’m lucky enough to find it in stock!) and then the books take forever to be delivered. Just last week I got my copy of Muerte súbita, and at 20 days it was a quick delivery. So far, it’s been worth the wait!


No matter how you choose to read books or what genre, the important thing is to read. Need a little extra incentive to read? Here are many positive effects of reading for pleasure. So what have you been reading lately? Are you the skip around type like me or do you stick to one book and see it all the way through before starting another? Do you read physical books or go the e-book route? I’d love to hear your book recommendations in the comments below! Xx




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  1. I’ve been trying to get through the Elena Ferrante novels. I’m also reading Friendship by Emily Gould. I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert- self helpy but good read. I’m the same I have unfinished books in every room of the house! Your blog is one of my favorite reads!


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