Odds & Ends #007


So any good plans for the weekend? Me? Since you asked, I’m going to head out to visit my parents and my sister and planning on spending some quality family time. At the very least catch up on all those scary shows I watch and the reason behind me still sleeping with a hall lights on at night.

Here, some links that kept me entertained during the week…

I’ve been thinking of sprucing up a wall of my in my apartment and since paint can be a little messy, I thought removable wallpaper! Peonies are my favorite flowers, how appropriate and cute is this wallpaper?

And how about this hair cut… Would you dare?

Pucker up and see what your lip print says about you.

Check out these incredible pictures from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers 2016 Image of the Year competition. Warning, this is NSFW or the faint of heart.

Really want to try these out!

And if you have ever wondered what it’s like to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s assistant...

I am more for these Facebook additions than the ones introduced this week.

The perfect gift for my sister!

And on single women and politics.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend everyone!! Xx


Picture: My own of Urban Light by Chris Burden at LACMA



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