Odds & Ends #006


Hey there readers! How was your week? Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get Monday off and this whole workweek has felt like the longest week ever. Luckily, I have been binge listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast all week so I have had plenty of time to daydream how I would write the reboot of Gilmore Girls. Just yesterday, I saw that they were going to have one of their live podcasts/shows in Downtown LA this coming Sunday so… I BOUGHT A TICKET! Yes, my Gilmore Girls obsession has peaked! I’m totally going to wear a plaid shirt because #LukeDanes.

A few links that kept me preoccupied this week when I took a break from the Gilmore Guys podcast:

Considering going to the movies and watching this film. Must also consider which one of my friends I will force to stay over at my house at night.

36 Hours in Pasadena

Eye infections are no joke. I had one a couple years ago and it was so bad I couldn’t produce tears for over a month. That made it incredibly hard to fit in when I sang along with thousands of drunk, crying fans of Vicente Fernandez at his last concert in Los Angeles. Make sure to following these makeup clean-up rules so it doesn’t happen to you.

They’re back! Kids dressed up as the Oscar nominees for Best Picture. (I love The Revenant and Mad Max pics!)

The perfect gift for my friends.

This could lead to a lot of confusion in my apartment since I am always leaving my cleaning products all over the place. Except for in the cupboard under the sink.

I am so amoureux with this dress. I want to buy it and book a trip to Paris, lounge in les cafés with a good book, stroll through jardíns et musées, drink copious amounts of Bordeux and eat my weight in fromage – the dress has ruching and is made thick stretchable material so I should still look ok with the extra pounds.

Counting down the seconds until this!

Have a beautiful weekend! Xx

Photo: A pic of me talking to any one of my friends recently. Hahaha!! Actually a meme found off the internet.


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