bluemercury: A Review


I love skin care products!  So when I was invited by my friends at Macy’s to check their new shop-in-shop concept, Bluemercury – which offers signature spa services and a mix of best-selling brands like Clinique, Bobbie Brown and Estee Lauder and high-end luxury brands like La Mer and SK-II (amongst others) – I jumped at the chance to visit!

Macy’s has two in-store Bluemercury shops: Rancho Cucamonga – with a spa – and Santa Anita – which currently only has a retail shop but will open the spa later this year. Among the many well-known skin care lines, Bluemercury offers their exclusive brands M-61 Powerful Skincare and Lune+Aster, which were included in great tote gift bags (as you can see above). I admit, I was not familiar with the M-61 Powerful Skincare line but now that I have tried some of their products I will definitely be visiting Bluemercury spas to stock up on my new favorites. Bonus: M-61 contains NO parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes and (yay!) NO animal testing!

So for ten days, I left my multi-step skin care routine and with the exception of my favorite sunscreen and vitamin C serum I used underneath it, used only the following samples:


M-61 Brilliant Cleanse: Oh. My. Gosh! It truly is brilliant!! I squeezed a little less than a quarter-size of the product into my hands and gently rubbed it all over my wet skin and within seconds ALL my make up melted off. Even my tube-mascara came off with a single swipe, no rubbing or irritating the gentle skin around my eyes. And it left my skin soft, not itchy dry, even when I forgot to put on the moisturizer soon after.

M-61 Power Glow Peel: After cleansing my face with the cleanser, I would use these wipes to lightly swab my face. I did not find them harsh at all but I have been switching between retinol products and glycolic and salicylic acid peels for the last few years so my skin is conditioned to such products. The peel worked so well, it helped lighten up the acne scars on my chin as you can see below. In ten 10 days!

M-61 SuperSoothe E Cream: This was probably my least favorite product, but that is because I have oily skin and this cream (even with the smallest of amounts) left my skin too oily. My mother tried it out while I visited her and she loved how moisturized it left her skin.


M-61 Vitablast C Hand Cream: And last but not least, this wonderful hand cream that soften even my embarrassingly dry cuticles, absorbing quickly without leaving my hands greasy. I started using it on my elbows and even my face one day.

Since I was busy testing out all the skin care products, I decided to have my sister, Diana, try out the Lune+Aster makeup products from the gift bag. She incorporated the Lune+Aster Primer, Stratosphere Volumizing Mascara and Vitamin C + E Lip Gloss to her daily routine, below quotes from our email exchange:

“I actually liked the primer. It has a lotion texture which I wasn’t crazy about at first but once I washed my face, I noticed it left my skin moisturized which probably has to do with the products texture. Its not as matte as my original primer but it stayed on from about 8am to 11pm when I showered. I even went on a run with the dog and never had to retouch my makeup.”

“The mascara brush I like and it’s a thick blend which I like as well. It lets my eyelashes keep their curl and washes off nicely without leaving me with raccoon eyes. Plus, sweat proof.”


So there you have it! Overall, I would definitely recommend to my friends to check out the Macy’s shop-in-shop Bluemercury beauty stations and spas for their beauty needs!

PS: This post is not sponsored by Macy’s nor Bluemercury. This is a personal blog. All the opinions are mine (or my sister’s, in this case) and do not reflect the the opinions of Macy’s, Bluemercury or any employee thereof. 



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