Odds & Ends #005


Happy Valentine’s Day/President’s Day Weekend everybody!! I hope you are fortunate enough to have the full 3-day weekend off. So what are your plans? I’m heading out to an industry party in Santa Monica – big deal for me since I hate going out to the Westside especially during traffic hour – and then going out to West Hollywood to celebrate a friend’s birthday. While I don’t have a Valentine to call my own this year – and not that I am big on this holiday either – I still plan on baking up some cookies, getting a mani/pedi, maybe cook a special dinner. Nothing wrong with a little self-love (get your mind out of the gutter, I mean this in the most innocent way possible, geez). Bu tI don’t know how much I will be able to accomplish since I was given the assignment of reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, nearly 700 pages in less than 3 days for work. I haven’t started yet so I am hopeful that I will succeed. And then hopefully I don’t have to work on Monday (going to light a Virgin of Guadalupe veladora tonight!).

I am so glad whenever I read articles like this that I grew up before cell phones become the norm and social media was established.

How adorable are these sandals! Gonna have to cut some corners in my budget so I can get a pair!

As a big Gilmore Girls fan, I am freaking out with every update I get on the Netflix revival of the show. So this is really important – Who should Rory end up with?

How cute is this Cookie Monster recipe… This is the recipe I plan on trying out this weekend.

I tried this technique with my French app and it seems to be working – The more I challenge myself the more I seem to be retaining.


Have an amazing, hopefully 3-day weekend everyone!! Xx


Pic: Screen shot of my sad little Clash of Clans village. You can stop reading my blog now.


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