An Editorial On… My Top 6 Favorite Podcasts


I really enjoy podcasts. Especially any National Public Radio associated ones because they help me stay current with what is happening in the world. But aside from my typical podcasts – Latino USA, Best of Car Talk and my NPR boyfriend Kai Ryssdal’s Marketplace (Janet Yellen, microeconomics, job reports… Talk stock market to me Kai, baby!!) I listen to the following pretty religiously:

Super Mamás

I am not a mom but I really enjoy listening to the Lopez sisters, Bricia and Paulina, discuss their approach to motherhood. Full disclosure: Bricia is one of my dearest friends and I couldn’t be prouder of her and her sister working together to bring such a wonderful show for Latinas. Mamí or not, you will be able to relate.


I am a big scaredy cat yet I love to watch those (I admit – terribly made shows) haunting shows like Haunted, The Haunting, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, dutifully followed by a good doze of Everybody Loves Raymond or Friends to clear out all the scary from my head. So when I found this podcast, I immediately binged-listened to it. Not too scary but it will for sure give you a chill or two. Aaron Mahnke has a great story telling voice and sets up the stories with creepy music that keeps making me look over my shoulder while I’m listening to it.

Hidden Brain

You may have heard Shankar Vedantam on NPR’s Morning Edition talking about social behavior, in this podcast he further explores how our minds- our unconscious minds – effects our behavior. This podcast is a great if you are ever looking for fun facts that you want to bring up at a dinner party that make you sound smart. At least that is what I have done and have had several interesting conversations branch off from many of these topics. There is also a book, if you are interested.

Modern Love

I am a big fan of the New York Times weekly column Modern Love, so when they released a podcast last month I was beyond excited. If you are unfamiliar with the column, it is a collection of essays about love and – as the Times states- its “joys and tribulations…” In the podcast, the essays are read by familiar actors and then followed up with a short conversation between the editor of the column, Daniel Jones, the host Meghna Chakrabarti and the writer.

Nerds On Tour

Love! Love! Love! If you work in music (or let’s be frank, you once worked in music before unceremoniously getting laid off) or you are a big music fan you will enjoy this podcast. I love that it is very real – real budgets, real touring issues, the real state of the music industry. Plus, the host, Abraham Levitan always has great guest artist.

Gilmore Guys

Because Gilmore Girls.

So what you listen to? I am always looking for new things to listen to so please share on the comments below! Xx


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