Odds & Ends #004

Tacos Negativity

Hello, remember me? Sorry, but I have been missing in action for the last few days. I’ve been busy getting my sh•t together – My life is still a little messy but at least on the right path to getting all worked out! I have set aside all this weekend except for some Super Bowl and a Book Club meeting, to catch up on my posting so expect a lot more in the coming days.

So in exchange for your forgiveness for my absence, here are a few odds & ends that I wasted my time on lately:

I just saw this film last night and I loved it. It is innocent, delicate, sweet yet dark and it is beautifully shot. And I’ll stop right now because I am not a film critic and obviously cannot come up with the right words to describe this film. I can say: please watch it. It is the France’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film for this years Academy Awards.

Ai Weiwei (what a great name) documented his time spent on the Lesbos’ coast helping Syrian refugees on his Instagram. Very moving pictures.

One of my favorite baby shower gifts and the touching story behind it. Also, this is a great mother’s day or birthday gift for you mommas. I gave this book to my mother on her 50th birthday (it’s available in Spanish!) with a nice little dedication written inside – I cried writing it and she cried reading it.

Wished I owned instead of rented when I saw these kitchens.

Yes, please! Do you know how hard it is to do math when you have had a couple bottles of wine? Talk about the struggle being real.

The dark side of love and what I think makes movies like Casablanca so much better.

Don’t want, but NEED!!!

Chinese New Year is this Monday! Food to eat to bring you good luck this new year!!

How. Cute. Are. These. Bracelets.

Fun eyebrow facts. Also, #3 – is that really why we have eyebrows??

In case you need a Super Bowl snack.

It’s tax season. Learn the lingo!

And if you happen to be in downtown LA this weekend and happen to be an early riser, go check this out.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Xx






One thought

  1. Oh that “Love you forever book” always makes me cry and now knowing the story behind it is even worst! Bring on the waterworks!


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