Odds & Ends #003


Hi everybody!! Were you one of the lucky ones to have had 4-day work week? Yay, me too! Work is slow and boring, I’m getting over my post-mini-vacation blues, I haven’t been able to get my ass out of bed to get back to walking in the mornings, I’m pretty sure I’ve replaced 75% of my blood with Pinot Noir and as I am typing this post I am watching a PBS documentary on Neanderthals and eating mini donuts when there is so. much. sh*t to get done around my apartment – so basically the picture above sums up my current mood. But this needs to stop, I need to kick my ass into gear, get my schedule/apartment/bank account/life together and have the best year ever!! And it will all start this weekend!! But first, a few of my favorite links from this week:

I’ve never been married but I know that when I do get married I have to control every little detail, so I don’t know about this.

On becoming a powerful communicator.

How cute are these!

Ten simple ways to be happier.

Are you sitting for this? Maybe you shouldn’t be.

How I feel every time I see these stickers on cars.

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend everyone!! Xx


Image Credit: From @sarcasm_only Instagram


2 thoughts

  1. I’m actually kinda into that “pop-up-wedding” idea… I mean my job is to PLAN so it’d be nice for someone else to do the planning for me that is Instagram-worthy. haha


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