Odds & Ends #002


Feliz viernes!! Made it through the second week of January!! Is it just me or does the whole month of January feel like one long ass Monday? It is just so hard to get the ball rolling again after all the holiday hoopla. To break the January blues I am taking a short vacay to Portland to enjoy some real winter weather and the company of my cousin and his kids – is it still okay to say kids when they are in their 20s and taller than me? Any who, I see plenty of wine, craft beer and donuts in my near future!!

Some odds & ends from this week:

I tried going gluten free for a few weeks last year and gained about 8 pounds. That was before the holidays. Not cool. So I am embracing this from now on.

Oh, boy!! I may have to keep my bags packed this summer!


Holy crap, this is frightening for me. And I live over 25 miles from the coast.

After reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up last year, I need another little boost to inspire me to fully live with much less. I am in my 4th cycle of the Kondo method – I am a chicken when it comes to throwing things away so I have been doing little by little. Step in, this book. Maybe the beautiful images will inspire me to FINALLY minimalize my life this year.

Do you ever mourn the loss of a clothing item/pair of shoes/bakeware you have been stalking online waiting for it to go on sale only to miss the sale then find out said item is sold out? Is it just me? Ok, well… rest in peace beautiful dress.

Last but not least, the scary stories that terrorized me as a child will now come to life thanks to one of the greatest directors/producers around today. So excited for this!!
Have a wonderful & safe weekend everyone!! Xx

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