An Editorial On… My Favorite Packing Tip

I was a roller for the longest time. When packing, I would roll my clothes to fit into my suitcases. Yes, suitcases –plural – even on the shortest of trips. I once had to check in my suitcase because I packed 5 pairs of shoes for 2 days in Las Vegas. I took a hair dryer too.

Then three years ago, I had an epiphany when I was in London rushing around looking for yet another large suitcase to fill with my souvenirs and angry at myself because I could have made due with the medium size luggage I had taken had I not packed as if I were permanently moving overseas. All my clothes were wrinkled, even though I had rolled them up carefully, they just bunched up when the suitcase was moved and thrown around. Traveling alone, I now had to carry two large  suitcase and pay for a checked bag. I dawned on me that I traveled with way too much stuff. It’s not that I was traveling to some place that didn’t sell something exotic like toothpaste or clothes, all this stuff was like one big security blanket. It was just silly. Since then I have learned to edit what clothes I am taking on trips and  downsized to a carry on and a tote bag for my trips. Even international trips to the motherland when the last time I was there I even managed to bring back a large clay pot and some longaniza sausage in my carry on.

The one thing that helped me downsize was this garment folder from the Eagle Creek Packing Set.


I love it! I manage to pack up to 10-15 items (depending on the climate I am packing for) in the garment folder. It keeps items neatly folded, barely any pressing needed when I arrive at my destination, it limits the amount of things I will be taking and it fits perfectly into one side of my carry on.

For my trip to Portland this weekend I packed the following items in my garment folder: knit dress, jeans, legging pants, yoga pants (in place of PJs since I can’t find any of my PJ sets for some reason), long sleeve henley shirt, favorite v-neck, tank top, thick large sweater, concert tee, long sleeve stripped top and a white blouse.

Everything toPack

Using the plastic guide that is included, I folded each item, placed it on the pile and then slide the plastic guide out.


I do this until all my clothes are neatly folded and then using the plastic guide, I press down on the pile and close the  folder folder flaps. The package fits perfectly in my carry on as you can see below.


I used the medium size cube for my unmentionables (and 3 pairs of very thick socks and gloves), which also fits nicely on the other side of the carry on with enough space for a second pair of shoes ( I wear the pair that would take the most space, in this case a pair of black riding boots that goes with everything I packed). Then I throw my makeup bag and baggie of liquids on top – easy access in case a TSA agent asks me take things out. All neatly packed as you can see!

Final View of luggage

*Full disclosure: This of course is not everything I am taking. I would freeze my ass off! I am wearing the items that would take the most space up: riding boots (as I mention before) and my parka and scarf (which I obviously need to be wearing when I arrive).

How do you pack when you travel? I’d love to hear any other space-saving packing tips you may have! Xx

PS: This isn’t a sponsored post. I just loved this item so much I wanted to share it with you!


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