Odds & Ends #001


Congratulations everyone! You made it through the first whole week of 2016! Was it everything you ever dreamed of? Ha! My week started off great then on the first day of Mercury in retrograde (yes, I am blaming Mercury in retrograde) my car’s check engine light came on and like that $350 flew out of my bank account. Luckily, it was a quick fix and I was able to celebrate Día de Los Reyes with friends. The highlight of my week was definitely when my little nephew S – without any coercion or bribes – gave me a good night kiss and said to me, te quiero mucho (I love you so much)- oh, be still my heart!

As nice as this week was, I am ready for the weekend! I plan on finally putting away all my holiday decorations and if the weather behaves, drive over to Temecula to attend this month’s Wild Woman Moon Circle AND also go out with Book Club to celebrate my friend R’s birthday. What are your plans for this weekend? Have you been good little elves and cleaned up all the traces of the holidays neatly away? If you want to procrastinate your plans a little longer, below are some Odds & Ends you might enjoy:

As my loyal readers (Yes, I have verified at least two of my friends read my blog on a regular basis!), you by now know that I am not a good writer. But that is okay, I am still trying to find my way around this whole writing and blogging thing. In the meantime, this made me feel much better!

Also, este güey’s Instagram account is… courageous to say the least. Especially in cold weather!

Can somebody please get this little guy some cotton candy?

Some pointers to help us mentally prepare for everything 2016 may throw at us and help us stay in the right path to achieve our resolutions and goals.

Having said that… I may have to reassess  a couple of my New Year’s resolutions and try this out!

And where I find out there really is an audience for everything!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!! Xx



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