An Editorial On… Día de Los Reyes Magos Tradition

For the last six years – or maybe it has been seven years? Yep, it’s seven years!– I have shared one of my favorite and tastiest Mexican traditions with my adopted Argentine family… La Rosca de Reyes.

It has become customary every January 6th, I sneak out of my office mid-afternoon and fight my way through the crowds at Porto’s Bakery & Café to get one of their warm, delicious roscas and a dozen dulce de leche kisses – which we, the adults, inappropriately renamed tetitas – I mean, come on… Look at the picture…

see! i told you!!

I then drive it across town, over the hills, thru miles of agonizing traffic, deep into the San Fernando Valley (if you live in L.A. you understand the challenge) to enjoy a big chunk of rosca with café con leche while my no-longer-little nephew shows off what the Reyes Magos brought him. Always a wonderful way to kick-off the New Year!

le menu from tonight’s feast…
cutting my piece of rosca. the crunchy sugary parts are my favorite!


… and who gets the niño?
rosca coma ahead
my little nephew S and i got stuck with hosting the tamales on feb. 2nd
caos trying to get a decent picture with all the squirmy kiddos

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