My Favorite… Red Lipstick


I love me some red lipstick. I have probably tried dozens of different red lipsticks, balms, glosses and tints. I have a lovely dark red lipstick for when I go see the Red Sox play. I have a cheery orangey-red lipstick for when I’m feeling a little preppy. I even have a seductive red lip tint that has lasted through a dinner, followed by a concert, several drinks, a hot make-out session, a late night diner stop and when I stumbled into my bathroom the next morning I still had the hardest time taking it off. I don’t wear that one anymore, I believe the lip tint made me make too many bad decisions. That and it left my lips really dry and irritated from trying to wash it off.

Most recently my go-to red lipstick, actually it is a balm, is Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout. It goes on velvety smooth, high pigmented and lasts a respectable length of time without drying out my lips. And at $7 bucks it’s a steal!


PS: This post is by no means sponsored. I just like it that much.

PPS: The lip balm is much darker red than what is pictured in the lip mark above. It just didn’t photograph well.



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