Hi there! Remember me?

Whoa! It’s almost been three weeks since I last posted something… Sorry for deserting you my one dear reader! After returning from my lovely getaway in Maine, I had a terrible case of the post vacation blues. In midst of my PVB, my car gets rear-ended on my way in to work. Luckily nobody was hurt but you would think people would be more careful just so the wouldn’t have to deal with car insurance companies!

Fortunately, my favorite rock band, Café Tacuba was in town-ish and I went to see them perform about 1.5 times (technically 3 times) which totally helped my PVB and the band issuing a restraining order against me (I kid!)…

the sea of people at the café tacvba show at parque morales in tijuana

#1: Parque Morelos in Tijuana – With only “Artist Passes” my friend L and I wouldn’t dare brave the crazy crowd that was pushing their way to the front and even disrupted the sound system for a bit. So we decide to see the band from the side stage. Yes, we were those assholes.

tacvbos boy-band dance during tijuana performance


my road trip buddy, L, hang out backstage


obligatory post concert meal: tripe and tongue taquitos from el taconazo

#2: The Palladium in Hollywood – I remember having burgers with my bro A, walking into the venue and the band going on stage and then just little flashbacks of dancing with strangers, taking selfies around the back stage and finally getting a box of my favorite alfajores and arguing with my dear friend L who had the unfortunate luck of driving my ass home. But the two-day hangover – that is still very clear in my mind.

my bro A sneaking fries at our pre-concert hang


FullSizeRender 3
i have no idea who my “new friends” at the hollywood palladium are. and yes, that is pretty much how blurry i remember (what i can remember) from the show.


FullSizeRender 2
full house at the café tacvba concert at the hollywood palladium


woke up after the palladium show next to a box of alfajores from la alfajoreria in mexico city… by far the best thing i have woken up next to all year!

#3: The House of Blues in Anaheim – Fully recovered from my hangover, with hot dog in hand and drinking only one Shirley Temple, I finally got to see (and remember seeing) my favorite band on their last show of their mini U.S. tour – they looked a little tired but boy did they sound great!

café tacvba performing at the house of blues in anaheim




meme singing a panty-dropping rendition of ‘eres’

And then there was Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays and after pleading with my mother, she gave me permission to cook dinner! All went well – the bread dough raised and baked beautifully, the turkey was juicy, the mash potatoes fluffy and the green bean casserole delish!

FullSizeRender 7
thanksgiving meal prep!
FullSizeRender 4
on your mark, get set, eat!

I have been quite preoccupied as you can see, so preoccupied I have actually fallen behind on a couple of online classes I am suppose to be taking! Yikes! Need to sit down and schedule my life and write up a to-do list STAT!!


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