An Editorial on… Hostess Gifts

I’ll be visiting an old friend from middle school in Maine this week and she kindly offered me to stay at her lovely home. It’s been three years since I was last there and so many things have changed in our lives, I can’t wait to sit around in our pajamas drinking coffee, eating Doritos and catching up. Although, I think my Doritos binge eating plan may not pan out as expected since she is now a mom to two darling two-year old twin girls whom I cannot wait to hug and squeeze and cover with kisses!

In a major act of adulting, I have upped my hostess gift game. Or at least I think I have. It is always nice to bring a little something when visiting friends or family, a thoughtful gesture, doesn’t have to be pricey, just something that shows your appreciation for your host opening their doors to you. My go to is usually a six-pack of local beer or a bottle of wine unique to where I am traveling from or tasty baked goods if I have the time. If they have kids, I usually bring something to them too. It is their home too after all.

Check out these über adorable Hazel Village rabbit dolls I got for the girls! I saw these on Instagram and thought they were the cutest thing…Those sweet little dresses!! On the Hazel Village site they have variety of animal dolls and outfits and costumes to dress them up in. So cute!!

meet juliette rabbit & emma rabbit
meet juliette rabbit & emma rabbit

And to help the adults get through those harsh Maine winters, something to help them thaw out at the end of the day or kick start a morning some Tequila Ocho Reposado… Yum! One of my favorite tequilas, I have a bottle each of the Blanco, Reposado and Añejo in my arsenal. But of all three, reposado is the most delicious in my opinion.


I also got some corn tortillas and flour tortillas in my freezer that I plan on taking because Maine has a lot of wonderful food but no decent tortillas. My SoCal/Mexican girl needs her fix and I am happy to supply it!


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  1. your gifts are always cute and special, that personalized book you brought for Barbara last Christmas it’s unique… something she’ll remember forever…

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